Blai Escayola Bosch
Sound Recordist

Blai Escayola Bosch is a London based freelance Sound Recordist and Sound Designer.

He is experienced in a wide variety of areas within location recording and sound post-production, ranging from corporate videos and commercials, to film, documentaries and VR. 

On top of "Borderline" he has worked on several short films, such as "Man of the Hour" (2017), "Driftwood" (2017), "Sylvia" (2018), feature films, such as, "The Rizen" (2017), "Criminal Audition" (2017), "Chasing Ghosts" (2018), "Patients of a Saint" (2019) as well as promotional corporate videos, commercials and documentary for BBC, Aviva; and music videos for Goldie.